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Seva Beauty vs. Hurricane Maria

Seva Beauty vs. Hurricane Maria

More than over a year ago, in September 2017, Puerto Rico was hit by powerful category 4 hurricane Maria, leaving the island devastated. The epicenter of this hurricane passed through the town of Humacao, where Seva Beauty’s headquarters are located. Vas Maniatis, Seva Beauty’s founder, and COO also lives in the island and was affected by this natural phenomenon.

“The chaos was visible everywhere. In hospitals where medications were at risk of spoiling; at gas stations, where lines of cars stretched as far as the eye could see; and outside banks, where people made lines before the sun came out to try to get cash at the ATM” said Maniatis. Most of the island’s habitants had no way of communicating with the outside world. “It was abrupt, one day we had contact with Vas and the next day we didn’t know when we would be able to communicate with him again” expressed Kari Comrov, Seva Beauty’s Vice President and Business Development Manager, who oversaw the company during the emergency.

Businesses could not open their establishments for long periods of time, resulting in closure for many of them. About 2,400 businesses closed in the fourth quarter of 2017, more than double the amount that closed during the same period in 2016, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show. In total, 5,000 to 8,000 small businesses may have closed permanently since the storm, estimates Nelson Ramírez, president of the Centro Unido de Detallistas, a small business advocacy group in San Juan.

But even during this catastrophe, Seva Beauty was able to continue operations normally. This came as a shock to many, given the fact that the island was shut down temporarily. In a recent interview, Maniatis reminisced about this time: “I was proud to validate our well-planned business infrastructure. Once more we confirmed that we have the right people, processes, protocols, and technology in place. This is the heart of our company.” But this outcome was not a coincidence, it was the result of years of implementing a thought-out business architecture that considers key aspects.

One of Seva Beauty’s main goals is to ensure that every aspect of the company is well planned and follows a strategic process. That is why they use a web-based platform that helps them move seamlessly through the system. Also, protocols are established to provide consistency and high-quality services. The most innovative technology is used scaling their business, making it possible to have a corporate talent from around the world, while reducing their carbon footprint. Following this procedure has created a solid foundation for Seva Beauty and has allowed the company to thrive even after an unprecedented storm like hurricane Maria.

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