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Enviable brows made easy

Enviable brows made easy

Follow these simple dos and don’ts and you’ll end up with brows that are worth bragging about


Super thin brows drawn back on harshly with a brow pencil may have been all the rage in the 1920s, but now brows that look natural and full are trending. Fuller brows help to create a more youthful appearance and also help to frame your face.

To get the look, only neaten up the stray hairs outside your natural brow shape, leaving the rest of your brow’s width and length as is. If your prefer to leave the shaping of your brows to a professional, ask them to do the same.


If you’d like a sleeker look, try threading rather than waxing.

Threading allows the brow technician to be more precise when creating your ideal shape and the hair grows back slower with every session.

Waxing is more painful and can irritate the delicate skin around the eyes, especially on sensitive skin types. There also isn’t the option of gradually removing and shaping the hair until you’re happy.

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